Coaching for academics

Coaching in Academia

Coaching for academics in Liverpool and onlineI offer coaching for academics - from undergraduates, PhD students, PDRAs (post-docs), group leaders and management in a safe, private and supportive environment.  I was a scientist for 11 years, I know how amazing a breakthrough result feels, how rewarding public engagement is, how it feels to secure a grant or finally publish after a long project.

Equally, I am aware how competitive life can be, how feelings of being “stuck” can creep up; how the lack of someone impartial to talk to can be demoralising. I know that handling mental health and wellbeing is a challenge in academia.

I became a coach to help people like you.

Through coaching I’ve helped people explore their identities, their relationships and bring balance to their lives. I've helped those who want to move on resolve bittersweet feelings. I’ve helped academics face the future with confidence, increased self-esteem and awareness. Through coaching, I offer quality time to think about the present and plan your future.

Coaching culture in your institute or department

I also provide training and mentoring to those looking to introduce coaching culture into their team, department or faculty. Typically, this involves training members of staff to act as a coaching facilitators for their colleagues - championing coaching principles to help boost wellbeing and ultimately reduce staff absences.

If any of this rings true; if you would like a chat about how coaching might help you, please send me a message at Or give me a call on 07974157792. Have a read of what my other clients say.

What I can do for you


Examine your next step, or your next leap.


Explore relationships in all areas of your life, perhaps those in your research group, too.


Help you examine the balance of your life and adjust if necessary.


Procrastination? Perfectionism? Scepticism? All useful in moderation!


Examine your leadership style, boosting resilience and awareness.


How do you want to handle a set back?

Mini Testimonials

Please see my full testimonials page, too.

I feel like my path is clearer after coaching with John.


Senior manager

I'd never thought about my situation that way. John's coaching had me thinking for days after our session.


Academic Group Leader

John has such a calming presence.


Post-doctoral research associate