A selection of testimonials from my clients -

"The coaching sessions have provided some space and time in a very busy life to think about the next steps in my career and how to approach them. They have helped me in materialising and clarifying my thoughts and encouraged me to think beyond some preconceived perceptions. They have also provided an increased confidence on how to manage my career and boosted my determination."

- Victoria
Academic group leader

I have found them (coaching sessions with John) hugely useful on a number of levels.  Firstly, having time out to stop and give thought to the issues I have identified.  I have found that the ways in which you have probed me have given me time and led me to think about the situations in a way in which I never would have automatically done, and has almost led me to answering my own questions.  The sessions have given me personal comfort, relief, confidence and a renewed sense of own value.  Fortuitously, the sessions have also been really timely for me. I had been through the most challenging months of my career - to the point where I was questioning if I could carry on like this! The sessions gave me a renewed sense of focus and hope! 

- Sally,
Senior manager in a large organisation

Your techniques are subtle, lad. But they're working, I'm feeling different.

- Jason,
Company director

Note from John: I included this short testimonial here because Jason is a man of few words. I was so overjoyed to receive this, by text message, after one of our sessions. It shows that coaching continues to work in and around our face-to-face time - the techniques stay with you, and there's comfort in that.

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