Is coaching for me?

Is coaching for me?

Is coaching for me? life coaching in liverpoolIf you are new to coaching you may be wondering "is coaching for me?" It's natural to have questions. Here are a few common ones, but please get in touch with your own.

What is coaching?

Definitions of coaching can vary. Often it needs to be experienced for a full impact. So let me try to answer the question in another way:

Do you ever have an important thought that crosses your mind? Maybe while you're busy with other things. Maybe it's a niggle, maybe it's a wish, perhaps longing for something to change in your life?

What if you had an hour, what if you had two hours, to think about nothing else? To really get to the bottom of it, turn it around, explore your first steps.

Now imagine you could share that hour with someone who's skilled in helping your thought processes flow - an expert in asking questions, in supporting you to take everything you want from life.

That's me, that's a coach.

Am I wrong to be sceptical of coaching?

Nope. I was. There is an element of bravery attached to coaching. Stepping out of your comfort zone to honestly answer "cheesy" questions like "What do I really want?", "What do I admire most about myself?", "What would I change if I knew that I could?" When I first came to coaching, these questions felt alien, unnerving, like someone else's words. But here's the thing - the answers aren't. The answers are mine; your answers are yours. How do you feel about them?

Can you really make a positive change happen for me?

Coaching is about enabling change, but of course people can and do make positive changes without coaching. At its simplest, my role as a coach is to help people discover what they want deep down, and then to help them on their journey to "doing it". But coaching is a partnership - the commitment to change is yours, as is the responsibility and the reward! Sometimes people talk about change, but when it comes down to it they aren't quite ready. Other people know that something needs to change in their lives, but they aren't sure what it is (this is another area where coaching can help).

Does coaching have any grounding in research?

With a biomedical science background I can walk you through the psychology of coaching, a rapidly expanding field of research. I can tell you about recent research into the neuroscience of insight and "Eureka!" moments. If you want that. On the other hand, coaching can be as simple as giving you, the client, quality time to think. You can rest assured, though, that I believe in the techniques and tools I use in my sessions, not only because I have seen them work, but because the research behind them is strong.

How do I know John is the right coach for me or my team?

Choosing a coach, any coach, is an important decision – pick someone who is right for you. Someone you get on with, someone you feel comfortable with. Even when hiring a coach for team-based work - rapport is everything. Find out more about me here. I offer a (free) 30 minute phone call or Skype for you to ask any questions you like, and get an idea of how our coaching sessions might work.

What can I expect from one-to-one coaching with John?

Coaching thrives on excellent rapport. I hope to gain your trust, listen and then respond – you may expect some provocative questions, as long as you feel comfortable, but I am here to support you, not to judge. I will help you get to the core of your situation; to examine your thoughts and behaviours, then move towards your own solution. Coaching relies on the principle that the best answer to any challenge lies within you.

All coaching sessions are confidential. I want you to feel safe, happy and comfortable; supported but in-control.

I have been described as down-to-earth, no-nonsense, calming, fun, warm and, most commonly, tall. But don't take this rather embracing list at face value, give me a call and see if I'm someone you'd like to work with. Most coaches agree that rapport is the most important indicator of coaching success - so let's get off to a good start!

What does coaching cost?

Just as each of my clients is unique, every client's situation is unique. My coaching programmes can be adapted to your needs, or the needs of your organisation, and as such pricing is flexible. We can discuss this during our free 30 minute phone call.

Who else uses a coach?

Although coaching thrives in the USA, it's a rapidly growing industry in the UK, too. Many large private and public organisations, such as the NHS, are adopting coaching methods. You can find out more about coaching in general from the International Coach Federation (ICF), who maintain the ethical code that I work to. The bottom line is that coaching has helped people from all different walks of life, sometimes in subtle, surprising ways.

Do you have another question? Get in touch...

If any of this rings true; if you would like a chat about how coaching might help you, please send me a message at Or give me a call on 07974157792. Have a read of what my other clients say.

Mini Testimonials

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I feel like my path is clearer after coaching with John.


Senior manager

I'd never thought about my situation that way. John's coaching had me thinking for days after our session.


Academic Group Leader

John has such a calming presence.


Post-doctoral research associate