Hello, I'm John. Welcome to coaching!

one to one coaching in Woolton Liverpool and onlineAs a qualified personal and professional coach, I am proud to help people of all ages feel stronger and happier in their work and life. I provide one to one coaching, but I also work with teams and members of large organisations like the NHS and The University of Liverpool.

Have you ever needed clarity about the way forward?

Coaching can be defined in lots of ways, so let me be clear: I help people take steps towards change. My coaching is based on the principle that I am not the expert on your situation - you are! I ask the right questions to help you (or your team) get to where you want to go, and improve your wellbeing. I also work with groups in mediating disputes - finding the best solution in a clam and balanced way.

I offer online coaching via Skype and WhatsApp, but also in-person sessions where appropriate.

Have you landed here with questions?

Perhaps you would like to know “Is coaching for me?”, or find out about who I am and my coaching qualifications. Maybe you are looking for one-to-one coaching for your life or work, or coaching within your organisation. As a former biomedical scientist, I do a lot of coaching with people in healthcare science and academia – perhaps this is you?

This site aims to be as clear as possible about what I offer and how we might work together. I invite you to have a good read at your own pace.

If you find something that rings true, I would love to hear from you.

All the best,


Dr John Ankers

Woolton Village, Liverpool

What I can do for you


Explore your next step, or your next leap.


Coaching for relationships including mediation and dispute resolution.


Help you to examine the balance of your life and adjust if necessary.


Help you examine your values and identity, or those of your team.


Does it feel like something is missing?


Bespoke coaching sessions for groups and teams.

Mini Testimonials

Please see my full testimonials page, too

I feel like my path is clearer after coaching with John.


Senior manager

I'd never thought about my situation that way. John's coaching had me thinking for days after our session.


Academic Group Leader

John has such a calming presence.


Post-doctoral research associate