ow my coaching works

If you have decided you want to work with me - great, I can't wait to meet you! Here is some information about the next steps. If you are still undecided about coaching, there may be some answers here.

Free 30 minute phone call

Usually our coaching relationship starts with a free 30 minute phone call. This allows us to get to know each other, and talk about what you want from coaching - what are your goals? How do they look from where you are now? We may also talk about a first session, costs, venue etc.

Action Plan

After our call, I will prepare a personalised action plan, summarising what we discussed and email it to you ahead of our first session.

Face-to-face sessions

Our sessions will typically be 90 minutes long, but this is flexible. We set clear goals for within the session, and, when useful, "homework" in-between sessions. Whether you are hiring me to work one-on-one or to work with your group or organisation, my first priority is to be someone you can trust, someone you can feel calm and relaxed with - I believe all of these are vital for coaching to work.

In-between sessions

Between sessions, "light bulb" moments are common - times when clarity suddenly finds you, often as a delayed result of something that came up in coaching. I tend to offer a catch-up phone call (30 minutes) in between sessions, as well as unlimited email contact so we can talk about how things are going. I want to share your journey, that's part of my coaching. I spend the time in-between sessions working on your behalf, researching and planning.

Typical coaching programmes

My coaching programmes are flexible to suit you. I work with individuals, as well as groups and organisations so plans vary. Just to give you an idea of a typical coaching programme:

6 x 90 minutes coaching sessions, every 2 weeks (can be 3 or 4 weeks apart), with full email contact and 30 minute catch-up calls in-between sessions. Followed by a review to see if continued coaching is right for you.

Sessions can also be booked on a "one off" basis.

Venues and online coaching

Your comfort is incredibly important to me, and the coaching venue can play a big role in this. While some groups are happy to do coaching in their workplace, others would rather a more private environment. If you have a favourite place, somewhere you feel relaxed, I can meet you there. I travel nationally, and internationally, but I can also offer you a private, leafy venue in South Liverpool if that suits you. Online coaching over Skype or WhatsApp is becoming increasingly popular - this can all be discussed in our initial phone call.

Costs and fees

Just as each of my clients is unique, every client's situation is unique. My coaching programmes can be adapted to your needs, or the needs of your organisation, and as such pricing is flexible. We can discuss this during our initial phone call.

Get in touch

Hopefully this answers some of your questions and you're ready to go! If you'd like to get in touch, or want to ask anything else, please send me a message at Or give me a call on 07974157792.