Life Coaching

Coaching for You

One to one life coaching offers the chance to examine your priorities, choices and goals in a calm, private environment.Life coaching in Woolton Liverpool and online

Our sessions may start with an honest, insightful conversation about you and your future. I will listen and choose careful, powerful questions that help you examine your situation from fresh angles. A coaching session provides time to take a breath – time to think.

Some people throw themselves into fast-paced lives precisely to avoid time to think. It can be daunting, transforming, powerful.

My aim is to help you to move happily towards the future you want – perhaps a goal set in a week’s time or a gradual change that takes longer. Some of my clients work in large organisations, and come to coaching to remind themselves of their individual priorities or to find more perspective on personal issues.

Why life coaching?

“Life coaching” is one of those phrases that raises eyebrows. I haven't always used it - it felt awkward. But after coaching lots of different people, it's easier to see that even in a work setting, coaching is about life. I coach in all sorts of areas, using a range of techniques from creative or physical exercises to simple, powerful questions. We can create a programme to raise awareness in your career, your relationships, your values - all the connected areas of your life.

What would you bring to coaching?

If any of this rings true; if you would like a chat about how coaching might help you, please send me a message at Or give me a call on 07974157792. Have a read of what my other clients say.

What I can do for you

Examine your next step, or your next leap.

Explore relationships in all areas of your life, perhaps family or at work?

Help you examine the balance of your life and adjust if necessary.

Coaching to explore and celebrate your identity and values.

How do you want to move on from this?

What do you strive for when things are going well?

Mini Testimonials

Please see my full testimonials page, too.

I feel like my path is clearer after coaching with John.


Senior manager
I'd never thought about my situation that way. John's coaching had me thinking for days after our session.


Academic Group Leader
John has such a calming presence.


Post-doctoral research associate