Coaching in schools

Coaching in schools

Coaching in schools
My coaching in schools and colleges helps teams to communicate more effectively and individuals to look after their wellbeing, define clear goals and feel better about themselves and their roles.

If you're unfamiliar with coaching in general - please see here. Coaching in a school environment often centres around your values, and the values of your team. I will ask questions to ease our conversation from where you or your team are now, to where you'd like to be, examining challenges and options along the way.

Coaching is about helping you in your role

My coaching in schools programs are flexible, but popular options are:

  • One-to-one coaching for wellbeing, confidence and productivity - for members of your leadership team and teaching staff.
  • Small group (2-3 staff) coaching sessions - with staff usually attending online from their own homes, providing a relaxed, warm atmosphere away from their place of work.
  • Training "coaching ambassadors" from your staff - to bring coaching approaches back to your school and lead by best practice. This approach is something I am passionate about, as it tends to be the most cost effective for the school, but can also have a profound impact long term on the working culture, with the ambassadors already being trusted staff members.

A coaching culture in your school

My aim is to help you improve the quality of conversations around school, towards improving wellbeing and productivity. I am a parent governor at a large primary school, a tutor and academic coach. My wife teaches in a large online school. I know the environment and the challenges you face. I want to support the admirable work you do.

If any of this rings true; if you would like a chat about how coaching might help you, please send me a message at Or give me a call on 07974157792. Have a read of what my other clients say.

What I can do for you


Explore your values, those of your team and school and align with them.


Explore and improve relationships in all areas of school. Including mediation and conflict resolution.


Help you examine the balance of your work and life and adjust if necessary.


Helping your team to contribute, anticipate and celebrate success.


Examine your leadership style, boosting resilience and awareness.


How do you want to handle a set back?

Mini Testimonials

Please see my full testimonials page, too.
I feel like my path is clearer after coaching with John.


Senior manager
I'd never thought about my situation that way. John's coaching had me thinking for days after our session.


Academic Group Leader
John has such a calming presence.


Post-doctoral research associate