balance in academia

Saying “No.” and five more ways to find balance in academia


It’s fair to say academics are good with words. Words are their wheelhouse. Verbosity goes with the territory. But perhaps through busy lives, or assumptions about what it takes to succeed – or what “success” even means – the simple statements, the human questions, are sometimes overlooked. Here are a few things to say more often, to help you find balance in academia.

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resilience coaching

Resilience and the reason Why

Everyone – absolutely everyone – faces a setback from time to time.

We feel our commitment wobble; perhaps our courage takes a knock.

We may ask “why am I doing this?”

Think about your answer to this question.

It’s the key to your resilience.

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Slowing down life coaching

Slow Down (Take A Look)


We live fast-paced lives. It’s become sort of a cliché to say the modern world is moving too fast, and that it should change. The modern world is how it is, but we can choose how we interact with it, when to jump on, and when to hop off for a bit.Continue reading